Tony Koenen, thousands of songs, miles and moments

Tony Koenen is a multi-instumentalist, singer and song writer. 

His songs and rearrangements of hits from the music greats have a familiar feel and a contemporary sound that appeals to wide age group. 

 Tony crosses many genres with his musical palette from blues, rock, jazz, country, reggae, crooner to classical. “ I love most types of music but it needs to be done well. That’s the prerequisite” 

Tony was born in Edmonton , to a musical family.  Tony’s passion for music began at the age of four when his mom gave him an harmonica,he played alongside her as she played piano and that passion has been burning ever since. His father played saxophone and piano. Tony wrote his first song at the age of seven. 

Tony’s first recording sessions were in the University of Alberta Studio’s with a popular folk group at the time, “The Circle Widens”. At the time he was playing bass guitar and pedal steel and then played in a number of musical acts including playing percussion for a theatre company. 

His band "The Stacatta’s” became the main band at the downtown Edmonton Corona Hotel, which was the local hot spot at the time. “If you didn’t get in to the club by 8pm, you were in line….every night of the week. It was a crazy good gig.” Tony began recording original works at the “Damon” studios in Edmonton when he toured Alberta and BC as a single performer after the Staccata’s under the stage name of “Kane”. 

Starting a family, Tony made the decision to change direction to pursue business horizon’s to support his young family. 

He stopped touring and opened a music school in British Columbia. He knew he needed to choose an entrepreneurial career that would allow him the freedom to always follow his passion. As with everything he does, his business savvy, afforded him the luxury of being able to follow his passion for music. He started Koko beach pool and spas that became the largest manufacturer and supplier in Canada. Selling the company and taking early retirement allows him to devote all his time to performing and writing music. 

Moving to the Kelowna, the Napa Valley of Canada, He formed the “The Hot Tomales”, that performed in Western Canada with original tunes and covers, they were in high demand. 

Others have recorded his songs including a top 20 European hit by country singer Lynne Taylor Donovan.  

In recent years he has played in Memphis, Nashville, Florida, and has been spending time in the music capitals of the US like New Orleans, Austin Texas and Vegas to gain a different perspective on his song writing influences. 

Having just completed his last CD, with Cajun and southern influences, he has become a sought after solo entertainer and as a raconteur connects truly with audiences of all ages. 

As a person who believes in giving back, he does a number of charity benefit concerts a year. 

Always open to new challenges, in 2013 with Anjy Bonten, together they conceived of "Musartiqa" -- a 40 minute performance art piece that integrates art, music and dance. The show is comprised of five original compositions from jazz and ballet to contemporary encompassing high energy rhythms to soulful melodies. The music incorporates a variety of instruments. The event is performed live and is spontaneous improvisation. 

In 2014 he was nominated, and was a finalist in the Central Okanagan, B.C. arts awards for achievement in the Music industry.